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-Lexy Hammonds

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Lexy Hammonds is a Los Angeles-based British actress, and producer who is described as tenacious but wildly charismatic. Originally from small town Market Bosworth, England, Lexy never felt at home in her surroundings. Her outgoing nature, progressive aspirations and desire to inspire the uninspired led her to be misunderstood by her conservative upbringing and conforming peers. 

Lexy Hammonds grew up attending one of UK's top private schools , "Twycross House School," in Warwickshire, learning organization, self-discipline and strong work ethic from a young age. These traits moulding her to accept nothing short of excellence in everything she does. Alongside excelling in her exams, she became passionate about all things art and is especially drawn to the works of William Shakespeare, Noel Coward, David Mehmet, Ted Hughes and Gustav Klimt. During her school years, Lexy trained from the age of eight with Judith Vardy's Dance School in Nuneaton, as well as performed in continuous stage productions with The Stagecoach Theatre Company. 


Post school, she attended Leeds University where she graduated with first class honors in Business and Event Management, spending her Summer vacation in Crete volunteering for "Archelon;" the official sea turtle protection society. In the midst of her studies, Lexy took a gap year to work as a F&B manager at BallenIsles Country Club in West Palm Beach, Florida as well as a wedding coordinator at Woodway Country Club in upstate New York. Whilst finishing her business degree, Lexy joined "Act Up North" an evening school specializing in acting for TV and Film, and realized her true vocation was in fact in the arts. She therefore decided to continue her professional training at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, known for their rigorous program and prestigious alumni. These include Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Robert Redford, Paul Rudd and Grace Kelly to name a few, where she completed an Associate of Arts Degree in Acting in May 2016.


Post education, Lexy was awarded her American O1B visa for her extraordinary ability in the film and TV industry, has signed with reputable manager Steven Sibert at Lighthouse Entertainment and is studying at Master Class level with LA's top acting coach, Anthony Meindl. She is a founding member of Allbright West Hollywood, am exclusive women's only social club built on like-minded, ambitious trailblazers who share a passion in uplifting and inspiring other women. Lexy is also in the midst of developing her companY "Bonded Eleven Pictures," as well as working with & supporting the non-profit organization "Unsilenced Voices", a charity providing sanitation, legal assistance and counseling for female victims of domestic violence.


Lexy has been compared to the likes of Nicole Kidman in both ability and appearance. She draws upon her travels and experiences to portray the regal, educated essence, as well as the outgoing, fun-loving, cozy spirit; both of which she embodies in her everyday life. Regardless of whether the role be dramatic or comedic, she connects to the character on a deep level, bringing substance from personal experience and grit, drawing your eyes to her own captivating doe-like blues as she lets you in on her story.

Professionally she is known for Lifetime series, "Crazy Love" as the leading role of Madelyn Salk, set to begin airing in September 2019.  Lexy gained international recognition for her acting ability with her starring role of  'Christina' in in Huayi Brothers Media Corps "Ri Luo Ci Qi" , a Chinese foreign film, which garnered multiple film awards and over 300 million views on Tencent; China's leading online distribution site for film and TV, receiving VIP film status. She also made her mark in short film "Comfort" as the role of "Quinn" which was the directorial debut for two - time Academy Award Nominee Stephane Ceretti (Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr Strange). This film has been submitted throughout the top tier of the international circuit including Sundance, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Philadelphia Asian Film Festival and Out on Film Atlanta.

In August 2019,  Lexy finished filming the leading role of Cara for Peter Hsieh's psychedelic film noir "Drive All Night" starring alongside Yutaka Takeuchi, known for USS Indianapolis and "Hawaii 5-0" star Sarah Dumont. The film intends to begin its film festival run as early as March 2020. Lexy is also set to star as Janice in the live adaptation of the play "David Janice Paris France" by Peter Hseih, "Erin Baxter" in Etched Motion Pictures "Origin: Beyond The Impact" as well as "Mathilde Grey" for the live adaptation of the acclaimed Image Comics series “Carbon Grey;” a steampunk action-filled drama, set against the backdrop of a great war. Lexy is also currently in pre-production for her first screenplay “When The Shirt Hits The Fan’, a saucy dramedy exploring two people’s perspectives on a sexual encounter. 

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